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How to join the Spam Obliteration and Prevention

We're always looking for new, active, resourceful and friendly users who have demonstrated that they have an interest in helping out on Fandom communities. The best way to do this is to simply get involved! Occasionally, someone with an established history on Fandom and who has shown that they are willing and able to help will be invited to join the volunteer scheme. Currently, to join the Spam Task Force, you must be invited. Those who have been observed being involved will be selected when new volunteers are needed.

"OK...but what does that mean? How do I get involved? Where do I start?"

There are many ways you can help out the team and become a valuable SOAP prospect:

  • Assist the current team by reporting spam or vandalism on the SOAP Wiki or on #spam-vandal-report Discord channel,
    • For details about channels on discord server please refer following page SOAP Wiki:Discord.
  • Reverting vandalism cross-wiki. Ensure you respect local policy (i.e. no edit warring) and report to local admins for active wikis or SOAP for inactive wikis.
  • Realize that this is not a game. It's tedious work, and it's important to have this mindset and realize that treating it like a game is detrimental to our cause. Be friendly with the community, however when making reversions or undoing spam or vandalism, show no emotion and avoid using emotion or frustration in edit summaries.
  • Be a team player and collaborate! Be helpful and friendly with the SOAP team and the wider Fandom community and maintain a professional yet casual mindset. Remember that this is a volunteer role, which means quality over quantity. The last thing you need to be is burnt out.