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You can use this page to leave reports of bad vandalism on wikis that have no admins to clean things up, or in cases of cross-wiki vandalism. When reporting vandalism, please include a link to the Wiki as well as a link to the vandal's contributions page.

SOAP does not do CheckUser requests. Please contact Fandom Staff instead.

AgunkoTV at Наруто Вики

Since the user already stopped, I'd leave this to the local admin.--FANMADE_Rainbow_Dash_Flying.gifRain @fandom (talk) 16:27, May 21, 2020 (UTC) at The InBESTigators Wiki

I can't confirm their edits as vandalism.--FANMADE_Rainbow_Dash_Flying.gifRain @fandom (talk) 16:30, May 21, 2020 (UTC)

Digimonking at Community Central

This should be escalated to the local admins and not the vstf. This is not vandalism.--FANMADE_Rainbow_Dash_Flying.gifRain @fandom (talk) 15:27, May 21, 2020 (UTC) at ROBLOX Parkour Wiki

George Mama at Frizeris movie wiki - Myusernamesthis1234 at Freedom! Island Deluxe Wiki

What's About HeartPuff aka. Rin from Twitter?! at Powerpuff Girls Wiki

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