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Nobody90 at Disney Wiki This one was Nobody90 being given a warning about his negative behavior on The Owl House wiki when he got reported. This one is when Nobody90 had harassed me and someone reported Nobody90 to the new Discussions Mod when he ignored the first warning. This one is of Nobody90 getting a warning when he's ignored the warnings given to him many times over. Nobody90 spammed a little on that one which spamming is against the rules. He continued to lie about his actions when the staff saw right through him. Keep in mind. If this person giving Nobody90 a warning doesn't have a staff members badge. It's because at the time, the user was a staff member but than later on, the user giving the warning decided to step down from their position for person reasons and I heard the former staff member explain it to me when I asked. This one was a warning given to Nobody90 for crossing the line again in a different form. He would ether try to lie and play dumb but the person saw right through him as Nobody90's response was not a kind and respectable one. He was warned not to disrespect anyone if their grammar wasn't perfect. Again, the warning was given by a former staff member. This one is a warning that Nobody90 was given when he really crossed the line as he violated the stated rules more than once by deleting staff members messages when given a warning which is against the rules, he argued with the staff members and tried to cry victim or claim they harassed him but the staff members there didn't harass him. They were just pointing out the rules he violated. The staff members who messaged him there clearly told him the rules he violated but he refused to listen and comply. There were some non staff members messaging on there but that was because of the drama Nobody90 stirred up. This one was on a thread where Nobody90 would post a comment that was a rule violation and a staff member repeatedly had to delete it. Then the staff member would continue to warn Nobody90 and stated which rules he violated but he continued to ignore and argue and deny his actions as if he was justifying his actions but he was clearly violating rules. This one was a warning that a staff member gave Nobody90 and the staff member had enough of Nobody90's behavior when evidence of his behavior was discovered. The staff member warned him but Nobody90 still argued with the staff and the staff member locked the message to close the issue. This one shows Nobody90 continuing his behavior but it's not as explosive as the others. But he would continue to disagree with me and disrespect me and my opinions. I tried to be respectful towards his but he continued to disrespect me and my opinions. He was getting condescending and I ended up having enough of his behavior. This is Nobody90's block logs to prove his actions resulted in him being punished when he violated more rules on a wiki he's caused trouble on.

Staff members had to delete some of his posts that violated rules or lock threads and messages he stirred up conflict on. And I think someone should ether give him his final warning or he'll receive a block. As extreme of an action that may sound. Someone needs to do something about Nobody90's behavior. Ether give him a final warning and if he ignores that warning. Than a block should be initiated towards Nobody90.

This is not something you would report to SOAP. Please contact Fandom Staff.--35?cb=20130911015810Rain  (talk) 10:38, 25 June 2022 (UTC) at Two and a Half Men Wiki

  • wiki:
  • 惡意破壞者:
  • 原因: A few weeks ago, I reported vandalism of this wiki by this user for filling pages with nonsensical categories and creating over 800 pages that had nothing to do with two and a half men. You deleted his pages but for some reason only gave him a block of two weeks. Now that it is up, he has returned to vandalizing the wiki, and since there are no admins it is impossible to me to block him. Plus he has done so many changes that trying to undo them is a daunting task, and I cannot delete his new pages due to not being an admin. I please ask that you issue a lifetime ban to this user for his repeated vandalism of the wiki despite being previously banned
  • 簽名: -- JackieFuChan616 (討論) 13:06, 26 June 2022 (UTC)

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