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AutoDMod is a bot that performs automated Discussions actions. These actions are triggered by Discussions abuse filters set by SOAP and other Staff or volunteer users. It is currently being tested - feel free to contact us if you find any issues or false positives!


My posts are being deleted by the bot
If your posts are being deleted, this means you are hitting a local filter. Please contact your wiki's administrators.
I saw a message from the bot
The bot is capable of automatically replying to messages based on your post content and user information. If it sends a reply that doesn't make sense, feel free to reach out to the local administrators of the wiki!
What actions can the bot do?
The bot is tasked to automatically perform actions below. The rules it follows is set by a member of SOAP, a Wiki Representative, or other Staff or volunteer users.
  • Reply to posts
  • Lock posts
  • Delete posts
  • Log filter hits
Which wikis are AutoDMod on?
What is my purpose?
You pass butter
I am an admin, there is a problem with a filter
Please contact your Wiki Representative or Noreplyz.
Can I add the bot to my wiki?
No, unfortunately this tool not available to the public. However, we're looking at expanding it to allow Community Central admins, WRs, GDMs, SOAP and Helpers to create their own filters in the future.
What sort of filters does it run?
Filters are written in JavaScript and run against both post details and user details. This means it's very similar to MediaWiki's AbuseFilter - with the ability to look at post titles, content, pages, filter against regular expressions, predefined lists, user rights and registration dates.
Questions, comments, issues
Please contact Noreplyz!