Cynthia is a bot based on ORES and is used to detect vandalism on Fandom and Gamepedia. It relies on software developed by Wikimedia's Scoring Platform team and is modified for use on Fandom. SOAP have trained a Fandom-based 'damaging' prediction model that is comparable to results achieved by Wikipedia.

Currently, the bot is in beta and is being tested on articles in English wikis only.

The bot is integrated with the bot in the #soap-vandalism-rc channel on the Fandom/Gamepedia Discord server. The scores are probabilities ranging from 0 to 100% - the closer the number is to 100%, the more likely it is vandalism. Additional feeds for lower scores are currently private.
We are also currently trialling automatic rollbacks and blocks for edits with high damaging scores. These rollbacks are done by SOAP Bot. False positives, where the bot reverts good edits, are inevitable. Please let us know of any false positives if you come across them.
Questions, comments, issues
Please contact Noreplyz for questions about the scoring and Jr Mime for questions about the automated cleanup and feeds.
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