The SOAP maintain an official presence on the official Fandom/Gamepedia Discord server. To join the server, you must be a registered user on Fandom or Gamepedia and follow the verification instructions at Special:VerifyUser on Community Central.

This page helps document the channels we use and how you can be effective in those channels.



#soap-info, under the SOAP category, gives a general overview of the channels and SOAP information. It also lets you opt-into #soap-vandalism-rc and #soap-spam-rc.


#spam-vandal-report-fandom, under the FANDOM category, lets users report any vandalism, spam, terms of use violations (to an extent) or spam filter problems. There will also be occasional vandalism alerts that SOAP will deal with, but you may alert SOAPs if it is urgent.


Squeegee bot is the resident utility bot that helps format reports. Namely, it will generate Discord embeds for:

  • Vandalism
  • Wikis
  • For spam users, the bot, using User:SOAP Bot, will create reports on the wiki for SOAP to deal with. This helps not to clog the channel with reports.


Command Description Example
!report contributions link Report any user given the contributions link. NOTE: If you are reporting spam, please include "spam" anywhere in the report. !report
!report w wiki link Reports any wikis given the link. Usually used for emergency cases. !report w
!soap message Alerts all SOAPs after confirmation message (send a new message with !yes or !no). Only to be used for emergencies. !soap Vandalism at


#soap-alerts, under the SOAP category, Vandalism alerts are alerts for probably vandalism. SOAP will deal with these alerts. This channel is only available for specific reporters and SOAP members. Please see #soap-vandalism-rc for more information about how these alerts are formed.

There are three types of alerts;

  • Normal ALERTS - The bot posts when a user has been triggered by the bot over 20 times
  • WIKI ALERTS - When 2 or more users trigger the bot over 40 times over the span of four hours
  • MULTI-WIKI ALERTS - When a user triggers the bot on 3 or more wikis with over 10 hits in total


#soap-vandalism-rc, under the SOAP category, lists possible vandalism actions throughout Fandom. You may opt-into this channel by reacting to the hammer in #soap-info.


The bot will has different colors of embeds per reports.

  • Red: -200 in score or over 10 hits
  • Orange: Between -100 and -200 in score, or between 4 and 10 hits
  • Yellow: IP address or not autoconfirmed
  • Gray: Other edit
  • Blue: Other reupload
  • Teal: Other page move

The scoring is based on these criteria:

  • L: Length
  • R: Regex hits
  • C: Categories
  • S: Summary regex
  • B: Big word count
  • E: Entropy
  • N: Namespace
  • IP: IP
  • ED: Edits
  • G: Groups
  • GR: Groups remove
  • BL: Blacklist
  • BK: Blocked

Alerts are generated if they the user hits the bot 20 times, or if the score is below 500.


Commands are not given to everybody. If you are currently helping report vandalism, and are interested in these commands, please let Jr Mime know.

Command Description Example
!check user Checks all wikis that specific user hit the bot. !check Jr Mime
!bl type user Type can be add, rmv or check. bl, short for blacklist, is a command that will decrease the score of all reports for that specific user by 10 points. The user is in the blacklist for 4 days only. !bl add Jr Mime
!wl add length user username

!wl [remove|check] username

wl, short for whitelist, will prevent the user from being reported complete. Only used for highly trusted users. For the first command, replace the length with one of: years, months, days. Replace the username with the username you want to whitelist. For the second command, enter remove or check to either remove soembody from the whitelist, or check if they are in the whitelist. You can also do !wl check all to get a list of all current people whitelisted. !wl add 3 years user Noreplyz
!finduser ##% user username Finduser will find all new users that match the given username above the given similarity. !finduser 50% user Noreplyz


#soap-spam-rc, under the SOAP category, lists possible spam cases throughout Fandom. You may opt-into this channel by reacting to the hammer in #soap-info.


The bot uses specific codes and colors:

  • WHITE or XRM: IP creates a page where the title is very similar to the summary.
  • GRAY or URL: User created new page with a URL similar to their username.
  • PURPLE or THR: User with editcount lower than 3 posted a link on their own wall.
  • BLUE or COI: User created a wiki whose name or URL is similar to their username.
  • YELLOW or WUR: User inserted a URL on a new wiki in less than 1 hour after creation.
  • GREEN or DUR: Same as URL but for Discussions.
  • RED or FLT: User matched a title, summary, content or URL blacklist.


This channel has no commands.