Because the SOAP assists communities in all languages available on Fandom, most of our pages are available in multiple languages. This page talks about how to add new translations to the pages.

Naturally, the first thing you should do when translating something is to know what you're translating. There is currently 2 places where translations reside: MediaWiki:i18n-Page-Name/lang and Page Name/lang. We currently prefer it to exist at Page Name/lang, though aren't actively moving pages.

To translate the page, please copy the source of the English version of the page and make your translations. Then ask a SOAP member to create the Page Name/lang page. After translation SOAP member will add your translations to the MediaWiki page (located at MediaWiki:i18n-Page-Name/lang).

Once it is added there, edit the main page (i.e. if you're translating Membership, you'd edit Membership) and add edit the flagnav template and add lang=yes for the language that was added. For example, if you've translated the Membership page to Spanish, you'd add do something like {{Flagnav|es=yes}}.


When adding a translation that has been created, you'll need to edit the MediaWiki:i18n-Page-Name/lang page and transclude the page with the translation on it. Typically {{:PageName/lang}}.