The SOAP Wiki is the focal point on Fandom for reporting spam and vandalism to members of the Spam Obliteration and Prevention. Any user of the Fandom community is welcome to make reports here about spam or vandalism they found, especially on small and inactive wikis that do not have any active administrators.

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Introducing SOAP: Our Anti-Vandalism & Spam Team Gets a New Name

Fai un informe!

  • Se quixeres informar sobre un vándalo nos wikis en acción e precisas de asistencia inmediata en Discord, podes facer o teu informe na canle #spam-vandal-report-fandom do servidor oficial de Fandom/Gamepedia.
  • Tede en conta que se o spam ou vandalismo localízase nun wiki activo, tedes que comprobar se un administrador local está dispoñible antes de conectarche cun membro da SOAP.

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Aquí para limpar o spam!

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